Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DAB Radios: The Next Generation Technology for Radio Lovers

Technological innovations around the world may have affected some of the past technologies that have soon become outdated but there is something that has still managed to maintain its place in our lives. Radio is one of the oldest means of mass communication and although we live in a world where computers have taken over radios still manages to entertain and inform us with the best information it can offer. However, things have changed and radios have evolved quickly according to the technology changes that are been seen around. Today, not many people are aware of Digital Audio Broadcasting that actually started in Europe in 1955 but DAB Radios have become popular around the world.

Portable – Like any regular FM radio DAB radios are portable and small in size and lightweight as well and therefore it can be carried wherever you want. While there are some sites that claim that DAB radios are not very lightweight but new models of DAB radios have come up in the market that makes it very comfortable for the consumers to carry the radio in the vehicle or even when you are heading for a walk.